blowing in 意味

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  • {名} : <→BLOWING-IN>
  • blowing:    {名-1} : 吹き出し、吹き付け、吹き込み形成--------------------------------------------------------------------------------{名-2} : 《金属》吹錬{すいれん} -------------------------------------------------------------------------
  • blowing-in:    {名} : 吹き入れ、《金属》火入れ{ひいれ}◆高炉の操業開始をいう◆【同】blow-in
  • blowing (a whistle):    blowing (a whistle)吹鳴すいめい


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  1. and the wind will still be blowing in 20 or 30 years' time .
    風は2、30年間は 吹きつづけるでしょう
  1. blowing in the wind , with a little courage and love in our pockets .
  1. i wonder if his .44 magnum is still blowing in the cold wind .
    自前の.44マグナムは 今も冷たい風に吹かれたままかしら?
  1. the wind blowing in the paired pines .
  1. ventilation is considered particularly important when making dried fish and it is believed that the best dried fish is produced when it is exposed to dry air blowing in winter .


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