book bag 意味

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  • (学生{がくせい}の)ブックバッグ、本を入れるかばん
  • bag:    bag n. 袋, バッグ, かばん; 《英口語》 ズボン; 獲物; 群れ; 《英口語》 どっさり.【動詞+】bang a paper bag紙の袋をパンと破るI checked my bags at the ticket counter.切符売場にバッグを預けたempty a bag袋を空けるThe hunters got a good bag.ハンターたちは獲物をたっぷり取ったleave
  • bag it:    あきらめる、やめる◆【語源】throw it in the garbage bag(ごみ箱に捨てる[ほかす?投棄する])という表現の bag からI thought I could finish the whole marathon, but in the middle I got too tired and decided to just bag it. フルマラソン走れると思ったけど、途中
  • be in the bag:    (be) in the bág (1) ((略式))(成功が)確実で(ある) We thought we had the game in the ~. われわれは絶対に試合に勝てると思っていた.(2) 酔っ払って(いる).


  1. but why the hell do you got him in a book bag ?
  2. why the hell do you got him in a book bag ?
  3. keep it in your book bag .
  4. your book bag has a cancer ribbon pinned to what could only be a picture of your mom .


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