boom gallows 意味

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  • ブーム掛け具
  • gallows:    gallows n. (pl. ~, ~es) 絞首台.【動詞+】The condemned criminal died from heart failure and cheated the gallows.その死刑囚は心臓麻痺(まひ)で死に, 死刑を免れたThe kidnapper deserves the gallows.その誘拐犯人は死刑に値するI am afraid he will n
  • boom:    1boom n. にわか景気, ブーム; 急激な増加; ブーンと鳴る音; とどろき.【動詞+】Plunging interest rates brought a boom.急落する利率がにわか景気をもたらしたThe Occupation created an economic boom.占領軍(の政策)がにわか景気を生じさせたInformation technology is enjoying
  • it boom:    IT(関連{かんれん}の)ブーム、IT 需要{じゅよう}の急成長{ちょう}、IT 好調{こうちょう}


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