bordered by 意味

  • ~に縁取られて、~に隣接{りんせつ}して


  1. in the north , the boreal is bordered by the tundra
    北部は 亜寒帯地帯はツンドラと接しており
  2. it is bordered by the kizu-gawa river .
  3. the tonohata and izuriha districts on the western edge are bordered by osaka prefecture .
  4. through this , rectangle-shaped districts were created bordered by north-south streets at 120-meter intervals and east-west streets at 60-meter intervals , and continue to exist to this day .
  5. bordered by the tonegawa and arakawa (kanto ) rivers and by the tamagawa river , the area , where sensoji temple and shinagawa minato port were located , thrived as a port town and a post station since sometime before the edo period
    江戸時代以前より浅草寺と品川湊あるいは利根川・荒川 (関東)と多摩川に挟まれた港町・宿場町として栄えていた。


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