boundary face 意味

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  • 界面{かいめん}
  • boundary:    boundary n. 境界, 境界線; 限界, 範囲.【動詞+】Freud advanced the boundaries of human knowledge.フロイトは人間の知識の限界を押し広げたThe oil field bestrides the boundary between Iran and Iraq.その油田はイランとイラクの国境にまたがっているdefine a bounda
  • boundary with:    ~との境界{きょうかい}
  • face:    1face n. 顔, 顔つき; 面; 表面; 局面, 形勢; 面目; 面前.【動詞+】avert one's face顔をそむけるbury one's face in a pillow枕に顔を埋めるa revolution that would change the face of the earth世界の形勢を変えるような革命A nuclear war would change the f


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