boundary with 意味

  • ~との境界{きょうかい}
  • boundary:    boundary n. 境界, 境界線; 限界, 範囲.【動詞+】Freud advanced the boundaries of human knowledge.フロイトは人間の知識の限界を押し広げたThe oil field bestrides the boundary between Iran and Iraq.その油田はイランとイラクの国境にまたがっているdefine a bounda
  • adiabatic boundary:    断熱境界{だんねつ きょうかい}
  • administrative boundary:    行政区画{ぎょうせい くかく}


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  1. leave national highway 27 near the boundary with fukui prefecture and travel for approximately 10 minutes on the matsuo-kissaka route of prefectural road 564 .
  2. located near the boundary with yamashiro province , it became a suburban area of the capitals after the japanese capital was moved to nagaoka-kyo and then to heian-kyo .
  3. in february 2008 , a new studio (the first studio ), which had been under construction in momoyama town , fushimi ward , kyoto city (near the boundary with rokujizo , uji city ), was completed .
  4. in meiji period , the road section of fushimi-kaido road (later renamed takeda-kaido road ) from kyoto up to fushimi was combined with the above as yamato-kaido road up to the boundary with nara prefecture .
  5. kasagi-dera temple is located in kasagi-cho in the southeast of kyoto prefecture on the boundary with nara prefecture , and its precinct is the 289 m high mt . kasagi on the southern bank of the kizu-gawa river that flows from east to west .
    笠置寺は京都府の南東部、奈良県境に位置する笠置町にあり、東西に流れる木津川 (京都府)の南岸、標高289メートルの笠置山 (京都府)を境内とする。
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