braking system 意味

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  • ブレーキ系
  • additional retarding braking system:    additional retarding braking system補助ブレーキ[自動車]〈94D0106:自動車―ブレーキ用語(種類, 力学及び現象)〉
  • air assisted braking system:    air assisted braking systemエアアシステッドブレーキ[自動車]〈94D0106:自動車―ブレーキ用語(種類, 力学及び現象)〉; 空気倍力ブレーキ[自動車]〈94D0106:自動車―ブレーキ用語(種類, 力学及び現象)〉


  1. it's because of this that you need the magnetic braking system .
  2. however , this series of type 103 car was consistently required to operate at higher speeds than the practical maximum speed of ninety-five km/h , which had caused a spate of troubles including shocks from the electric braking system , each problem of which was subsequently cleared and solved one by one .


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