branch of 意味

  • 《a ~》~の一分野{いち ぶんや}
  • a branch:    a branch分脈ぶんみゃく
  • branch:    1branch n. 枝; 分科, 部門; 支店, 支部.【動詞+】adopt some branch of literature as a profession職業として文学のある分野を選ぶThe snow bent the branches of the trees.雪の重みで木々の枝がしなっていたWe broke off dead branches for firewood.枯れ枝を折り
  • branch into:    ~に枝分かれする


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  1. the yuge-gawa river: a branch of the kamikatsura-gawa river
  2. the takatsuji family: the main branch of the sugawara clan
  3. today , you will choose a branch of the military .
    所属兵団を選択する本日 私が話すのは
  4. but in the other branch of reality , he remains alive .
  5. the yura branch of the amanohashidate tourist association
    天橋立観光協会 由良支部


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