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  • {名} : 損益分岐点{そんえき ぶんきてん}◆【同】break-even point
    {形} : 収支{しゅうし}がトントンの、損益{そんえき}[損得{そんとく}]のない
  • break even:    収支{しゅうし}が合う、(人?事業{じぎょう}などが)差し引き損得なしであるThis year we'll break even for the first time in the company's history. 会社の歴史において、初めて今年は収支が合う。
  • even break:    《an ~》五分五分{ごぶ ごぶ}のチャンスThe leaders of a group of developing nations asked for an even break. 開発途上国のグループのリーダーたちは、対等なチャンスを求めた。
  • above break-even:    損益分岐点{そんえき ぶんきてん}より上で


  1. the break-even points in this region are higher than in other regions , making the chains reluctant to expand into the region .
  2. keihan had originally intended to spin off these two lines from keihan electric railway and establish an independent company in the autumn of 2004 , but in view of the dismal prospects of a new company it decided to postpone the implementation of such an idea until the revenue and expenditures reach break-even status through the efforts of cost reduction .


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