breakneck 意味

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  • {形} : 危険極まる、異常な速さの
  • at a breakneck pace:    猛烈{もうれつ}な速度{そくど}で
  • at a breakneck speed:    猛烈{もうれつ}な[すさまじい?ものすごい]速さ[スピード]で、猛スピードで
  • breakneck pace:    猛烈{もうれつ}な[恐ろしいほどの]スピード


  1. and it's starting to be understood at breakneck pace .
  2. but i was told that they were all working at breakneck speed .
    彼らは全員猛スピードで 取り組んでいたのだそうです
  3. and thankfully , we are , all of us , working at breakneck speeds and in unison towards capturing the mind's fatal flaws and correcting it back to its inherent state of perfect .
    心の致命的な欠陥を 捕えることで 元来の姿へ導く


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