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  1. The temple grounds are designated a national historic landmark , as well as a natural monument in the form of the " mt . hiei bird breeding area ."
  2. 4 . buildings and structures (such as shell mounds , ancient tombs , citadel-type castle sites , castle sites and old residences ) which are highly valued in our nation , either historically or academically; landscapes (such as gardens , bridges , canyons , coasts , mountains and other places of scenic beauty ) that are highly valued in our nation for their artistic or visual merit; animals (including their habitats , their breeding areas , and their stopovers ), plants (including their habitats ), and geological minerals (including the landscapes produced by natural phenomena ) that are highly valued academically in our nation (such natural features being hereinafter referred to as ' monuments ' )
    四 貝づか、古墳、都城跡、城跡、旧宅その他の遺跡で我が国にとつて歴史上又は学術上価値の高いもの、庭園、橋梁、峡谷、海浜、山岳その他の名勝地で我が国にとつて芸術上又は観賞上価値の高いもの並びに動物(生息地、繁殖地及び渡来地を含む。)、植物(自生地を含む。)及び地質鉱物(特異な自然の現象の生じている土地を含む。)で我が国にとつて学術上価値の高いもの(以下「記念物」という。)
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