bridged 意味

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  • {形} : 架橋{かきょう}した


  1. so it could be bridged in infinitely many different ways .
  2. but it was the communities that we bridged
    私たちが いろいろな団体をつなぎ
  3. headed by the wise ruler sadayori , the rokkaku family was in the ascendant , and the gap in power between the two families could not be bridged even by sukemasa , who was a brilliant ruler .
  4. meanwhile , the gakuko school including liu yizheng , go hitsu , mei guangdi , and hu xiansu who supervised the magazine " gakuko " advocated establishing a new culture that bridged china and the west by transforming ju-kyo and other traditional chinese culture in a modern way .
  5. in addition , the success of the shinkansen , which bridged a gap between automobiles and passenger transportation by airplane , triggered a review of the improvement of railways , which was slowing down in japan then , and also motivated european and asian nations to build a high speed passenger railway .


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