bright and cheerful 意味

発音を聞く:   bright and cheerfulの例文
  • 明朗快活な
  • have something more bright and cheerful on:    明るくて陽気{ようき}な色の服を着ている
  • cheerful:    cheerful adj. 元気のよい.【副詞】He is amazingly cheerful, considering what he has suffered.彼が苦しんできたことを考えるとびっくりするほど元気だ.【+前置詞】His new duties required considerable adjustment, but he was cheerful about it.新しい任
  • bright:    bright adj. 輝く; りこうな; 晴々した.【副詞】The lights were blindingly bright.その明かりは目がくらむほどだa charmingly bright smileすてきに晴れやかな微笑The economic situation has a distinctly bright side.経済情勢には疑いなく明るい面が見られるan extraordi


  1. ito kasumi is always so bright and cheerful .
    「伊藤かすみは いつも明るくて良い」
  2. give me bright and cheerful !
    よし さぁ 先生 言ってみてよ。 明るく元気よく!
  3. having the blood of such parents in her veins , teishi grew up to be wise and well-versed in both japanese and chinese , with a bright and cheerful personality .


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