bright nut 意味

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  • nut:    nut n.(1) (堅い殻の)木の実, 堅果.【動詞+】chop (up) pistachio nutsピスタチオの実を細かく砕くcrack a nut (open)クルミを割(って開け)るIt was a difficult nut (for me) to crack.(私には)難問でしたgather nuts木の実を拾うgrind nuts木の実を細かく砕くA squirrel hoar
  • bright:    bright adj. 輝く; りこうな; 晴々した.【副詞】The lights were blindingly bright.その明かりは目がくらむほどだa charmingly bright smileすてきに晴れやかな微笑The economic situation has a distinctly bright side.経済情勢には疑いなく明るい面が見られるan extraordi
  • to be bright:    to be bright光るひかる匂う臭うにおう


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