brilliant achievement 意味

  • brilliant achievement
  • brilliant:    brilliant adj. 光り輝いている; 異彩を放つ, めざましい, 才気のある.【副詞】She is also intellectually brilliant.知的な面でもすぐれているa spectacularly brilliant orchestral soundあっと言わせるほど見事なオーケストラの音.【+前置詞】She is brilliant at languages .語
  • brilliant at:    《be ~》~が優秀{ゆうしゅう}である
  • brilliant with:    《be ~》~には素晴{すば}らしく長けている


  1. this is a brilliant achievement .
    これは 快挙と 言えるのではないでしょうか。➡
  2. when japan won the russo-japanese war , which had broken out while yamada stayed in istanbul , the people in the ottoman empire went wild with joy at the news , regarding it as a brilliant achievement by a small eastern country japan , since they had long suffered the pressure from russia and therefore grown affinity with japan , the country which also had been troubled by the pressure from russia .


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