brink of collapse 意味

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  • 崩壊{ほうかい}[倒産{とうさん}?破たん]寸前{すんぜん}
  • on the brink of collapse:    《be ~》崩壊{ほうかい}寸前{すんぜん}[の一歩手前{いっぽ てまえ}]だ、今にも{いまにも}崩壊しそうだ、崩壊{ほうかい}の危機{きき}にひんしている
  • appear on the brink of collapse:    崩壊{ほうかい}の危機{きき}にひんしているように思われる
  • push a to the brink of collapse:    A を崩壊{ほうかい}の危機{きき}に押しやる


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  1. and an economy that was wobbling on the brink of collapse
  2. that had brought our economy to the brink of collapse .
  3. however , yoshikata ' s exclusive right caused kannonji family feud , which brought bakufu on the brink of collapse .
  4. following the end of the eastern han dynasty , there was a long period of war , bringing chinese society to the brink of collapse .
  5. eventually , the imperial throne passed to gotoba ' s descendant (emperor gosaga ), so it cannot be said that gotoba did not achieve his intentions , but it is most regrettable that the imperial court was brought momentarily to the brink of collapse .


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