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  1. It is the short bow that spread in a broad area of eurasia from east asia to china and mongolia and was mainly used by equestrian people .
  2. Since most of fukuchiyama city features mountain areas , as well as being part of a basin , a broad area is interspersed with many small-scale colonies , making it hard to provide bus and railroad service to all areas .
  3. Because of convenience of commodity distribution to osaka , the economic center , river ports for the water transportation of the kako-gawa river , such as hongo and saji , developed there , providing goods transportation functions in a broad area beyond the county .
  4. The portable shrines and gods rampage about the broad areas of shrine parishioners in the yasaka-jinja shrine including yamahokocho (towns with yama or hoko , float ) to perform the miyairi (ending event of a festival with the portable shrines being carried into the shrine ) in the yasaka-jinja shrine .
  5. This is a primitive brewing method which brewed rice with wild yeast by using amylase and diastase which are amylolytic enzymes in saliva , and it is known that it is widespread in a broad area from east asia to the south pacific , and south and central america .
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