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  • broad gauge
  • broad-gauge:    {形} : 心の広い、広範囲{こうはんい}の、《鉄道》広軌{こうき}の
  • broad-gauge railway:    広軌鉄道{こうき てつどう}


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  1. new broad gauge railways should be laid through a new route .
  2. however , with future expandability in sight , the executives of jnr , including sogo , decided to lay new broad gauge railways that were supposed to include many difficult problems .
  3. already at this time , the persons concerned used the terms of ' shinkansen ' and ' koki shinsen ' (new broad gauge railway line ), because new trunk railways were to be laid .
  4. however , the railways were laid with high standards employing the international standard 1 ,435-mm gauge (called the broad gauge in japan ), and in sharp contrast to conservative japanese government railways (jgr ), mantetsu tried to take advanced measures early on in its company history .
  5. on may 25 , the same year , the railway technology research laboratory (present railway technical research institute ) reported in the lecture meeting commemorating the 50th anniversary of the laboratory that , when new broad gauge railways were laid , it would be possible to operate trains on them in three hours between tokyo and osaka .
    同年5月25日には鉄道技術研究所(現:鉄道総合技術研究所)が、広軌新線ならば東京 - 大阪間の3時間運転は技術的に可能であるという報告を創立50周年記念講演会で述べた。


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