brother uterine 意味

  • 同母異父{どうぼ いふ}の兄弟{きょうだい}
  • brother:    brother n. (pl. ~s, brethren) 兄弟; 同胞.【動詞+】She cherishes her little brother.弟をかわいがるI have no brother(s) or sister(s).私には兄弟姉妹がいないlove one's brother兄弟を愛する.【形容詞 名詞+】an affectionate brother情の深い兄one's bab
  • uterine:    {形} : 子宮{しきゅう}の--------------------------------------------------------------------------------【発音】ju':tэra`in、【分節】u?ter?ine


  1. since sadayori suganuma , the first lord of the nagashima domain , who was an elder brother uterine , died in 1606 , he succeeded as head of the family and became the second lord of nagashima domain .


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