bucket of water 意味



  1. and threw a bucket of water at it . presto !
    バケツで水をかけたのです この通り!
  2. there's always another bucket of water to be had
  3. what if i dump a bucket of water on you ?
  4. in her anger , she picked up a bucket of water that stood near
    あまりに腹が立ったので、近くにあった水が入ったバケツを掴んで 魔女に水を浴びせました
  5. this made dorothy so very angry ... that she picked up the bucket of water that stood near ... and dashed it all over the wicked witch .
    怒ったドロシーは 邪悪な魔女に バケツの水を ぶっかけました


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