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  1. he went to europe and the united states to study for the diet building construction .
  2. march , 1901: the school building construction began for the campus at yoshida-cho , kamigyo ward (current yoshidaizumiden-cho , sakyo ward ).
    1901年3月: 上京区吉田町 (現・左京区吉田泉殿町) の校地にて校舎着工。
  3. it was decided that takeisao-jinja shrine would be relocated from tokyo to mt . funaoka and the move was completed in 1880 when the main building construction was finished .
  4. many remains related to kanga (government office ) have been found by findings of excaveted remains such as massive building construction ruins , an ink writing earthenware and saishi (religious service ) vestige which related to kanga facilities .
  5. this idea is evidenced by the theory that the basic layout in shinto building construction style , which is the order of ' torii - main building - shintaizan ,' and that this order is established even in cases where a shintaizan is located behind worshippers by considering the approach to the shrine .
    その根拠として、神社の建築様式おいて基本的には「鳥居→社殿→神体山」という序列があり、参拝者の後方に神体山が存在する場合にも参道を考慮に入れるとこの序列は成立しているとする説 からも窺い知ることができる。


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