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  1. building standards with a crappy house like this
  2. according to the building standards act , in addition to those which are also classified as cooperative complex together with ' mansion ,' there are those which are categorized as tenement even though they have 2 or more stories , and they are differentiated by whether or not a common corridor is required to construct within the building .
  3. during the period of economic growth in the 1970s , the building standards act of 1950 made the traditional methods of construction illegal despite the systems of fuchi-chiku (landscape area ) and bikan-chiku (aesthetic area ) established before world war ii; and consequently , during the bubble years when many of the houses were rebuilt , the streetscape of kyo-machiya or traditional kyoto town houses were destroyed .
  4. however , since the restoration work by traditional techniques infringed on the building standards or fire prevention act , there were problems in that entry into gates and turrets was restricted or castle towers could not be constructed due regulations on building height for disaster prevention , with modern techniques being partly introduced or reconstruction plans given up as in the case of sanju yagura (three tiered turret ) of sendai-jo castle .


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