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  • 建築用石材{けんちく よう せきざい}


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  1. the building stone is tuffaceus sandstone , which contains a lot of fossils of shells that are produced in this region .
  2. it seems that part of sakefuneishi was chipped away to use for building stone walls when takatori-jo castle was being constructed .
  3. when sai is used as a unit for weighing a load of a ship or a building stone , 1 sai is deemed to have the cubic volume of 1 shaku on a side (1 shaku is about 30 .3 centimeters ).
  4. nobori-ishigaki was a method of building stone walls adopted to fortify the defense of japanese castles that were constructed on the korean peninsula during hideyoshi toyotomi ' s bunroku-keicho war .
  5. in those days , empress saimei carried on many construction projects such as building stone mounds and a takadono (a building placed on the high place ) near the top of mt . tonomine and digging a waterway through the nara basin , but these constructions were received unfavorably by the people who were mobilized .


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