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  • bunker a:    〈米〉A 重油{じゅうゆ}◆燃料油の分類
  • ammunition bunker:    弾薬庫{だんやくこ}
  • archie bunker:    アーチー?バンカー、偏屈で独善的な労働者


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  1. even if i rolled it , it'll just land in the bunker .
  2. i mean , the bunker is the safest place for him .
    バンカーは彼にとっては 一番安全な場所だ
  3. can you confirm that everyone's safely in the bunker ?
  4. promise me that no one will ever open this bunker
  5. it makes it look like he's hiding in a roman bunker .
    貯蔵庫に 隠れてるみたいだ


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