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  1. he left his mark on business activities in kansai area .
  2. as a result , it seems that business activities of the adjacent yagi expanded into imai-cho in the medieval period developing the latter into a town .
  3. on the contrary , it is prominent that increasing number of companies with their headquarters located in shiga have developed their business activities into kyoto since 1980 ' s .
  4. he understood the need to recover the purity of currency in order to reduce currency circulation in the market , but he was also concerned about the immeasurable impact on business activities if the government carried out this at once .
  5. their main business activities are processing and selling tea , and as well as delivering tea to master families of tea ceremony , they have sales channels in department stores , and also engage in e-commerce on the world wide web .
    茶の加工と販売を主な事業とし、茶道の家へ茶を収めるほか、百貨店などにも販路を持ち、World Wide Web上で電子商取引も行う。


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