business insolvency 意味

発音を聞く:   business insolvencyの例文
  • 企業倒産{きぎょう とうさん}
  • business insolvency due to liquidity problems:    business insolvency due to liquidity problems黒字倒産くろじとうさん
  • insolvency:    insolvency n. 破産, 支払い不能.【前置詞+】He has gone into insolvency.破産した, 支払い不能になったHigh interest rates forced several small businesses into insolvency.高金利がいくつかの小企業を倒産に追いこんだHe is teetering on the brink of inso
  • absolute insolvency:    絶対的債務超過{ぜったい てき さいむ ちょうか}


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