buyer group 意味

  • 購買者集団{こうばいしゃ しゅうだん}
  • buyer:    buyer n. 買い手, バイヤー.【動詞+】attract buyers買い手を引きつけるYou can't find buyers for such articles.こんな品物の買い手は見つからないThe prices do not tempt buyers.その値段では買い手はつかない.【+動詞】Buyers are bidding up the prices of houses o
  • a buyer's market:    a buyer's market買い手市場かいてしじょう
  • accredited buyer:    信用受領買主{しんよう じゅりょう かいぬし}


  1. while ecchu fundoshi are only sold at some of the department stores or the kimono shops , in recent years the advent of the internet has brought about appearance of the companies that are devoted to manufacturing and selling fundoshi using internet mail order and made it easy to buy them , and so the generation who had known only briefs and trunks seem to be turning into a new buyer group as a result of beginning to regard " fundoshi " as a new undergarment .


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