buyer loyalty 意味

  • 顧客{こきゃく}のこだわり
  • loyalty:    loyalty n. 忠実, 忠誠心.【動詞+】affirm one's loyalty to the company会社への忠誠を確言するA good government commands loyalty.よい政府は忠誠心を起こさせるcommend sb's loyalty人の忠誠心をほめるdemonstrate loyalty忠誠心を示すI have no reason to doubt
  • loyalty to:    loyalty to確守かくしゅ
  • buyer:    buyer n. 買い手, バイヤー.【動詞+】attract buyers買い手を引きつけるYou can't find buyers for such articles.こんな品物の買い手は見つからないThe prices do not tempt buyers.その値段では買い手はつかない.【+動詞】Buyers are bidding up the prices of houses o


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