by doing 意味

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  • by doing
  • by doing this:    そうすれば、そうすることで
  • doing:    doing n. 行なうこと, 所業, しわざ; 仕事, 行状, 催物; 《英口語》 叱責.【動詞+】give sb a doing《英口語》 人をしかるIt wants some doing to finish it in time.《口語》 それを時間までに仕上げるのは大変だ.【形容詞 名詞+】the daily doings of the bank銀行の日常業務the day's doi
  • in doing:    ~するときにIn planning a vacation, be sure to remember to buy insurance. 休暇の計画を立てるとき、くれぐれも保険に入るのを忘れないように。


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  1. by doing additions on all the existing apartments .
  2. by doing so , you will join us and countless others
    それによって 平等に向けた旅という
  3. but at all times , you're learning by doing .
  4. i didn't get this far by doing the wrong thing !
    間違ったことを してきたわけじゃねぇよ!
  5. their shortterm interest by doing things that are
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