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  1. by further extension , the word came to refer to the management of proceeds from shoryo .
  2. by further extension , it became to refer the time allotted in programs of tv or radio , various events , and so on .
  3. by further extension , when speaking of machine parts , ' aisho ' is sometimes used to say if the combination of the parts is good or bad .
  4. then it came to be called " kokorotei " , and by further extension , " tokoroten " ; however , it seems that names such as " kokoroten " and " tokoroten " were already used in the nara period as is shown by its mention in days gone by in a writing stored in shoso-in treasure repository .
  5. additionally , entertainers formed some za as entertainer groups whose headmen were major tayu (the headmaster of a school of performing arts ), and people began to add the term " za " to the end of their group names beginning in the edo period . by further extension , such use of " za " also began to be applied to theater names and movie theater names afterward .


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