by harsh measures 意味

  • 苛酷な手段によって
  • harsh measures:    過酷{かこく}な手段{しゅだん}、荒治療{あらちりょう}
  • harsh:    harsh adj. あらい, 耳障りな; 厳しい; 不快な.【副詞】under extremely harsh conditionsきわめて厳しい条件の下でYou're being overly harsh on the kids.あなたは子供たちに対してはなはだしく厳しいThe noise was terribly harsh to the ear.その騒音はひどく耳障りだったCondit
  • harsh on:    (人)に対して厳しい、無情な、手厳しいMaybe I've been too harsh on Bob.Don't be too harsh on me in your memoirs.The elements really are harsh on the hair.You think I was harsh on your classmate, don't you?Maybe you're


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