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  1. During this process , the yangban (traditional ruling class or nobles of dynastic korea during the joseon dynasty ) was established where bureaucrats who succeeded in kakyo monopolized the bureaucratic positions by inheritance .
  2. On this occasion , fujiwara no kunitsuna , keishi of sekkan-ke schemed to have seishi take over a large volume of land for private use of the family --excluding denka no watari-ryo (the land to which the fujiwara family succeeded by inheritance ), kangaku-in-ryo (the land for educational institutions ), midoryu-jiin-ryo (the land of buddhist temples which belong to the family of fujiwara no michinaga )--as well as diary treasures and higashi sanjo-dono palace inherited from generation to generation ..
  3. Along with kinri goryo (private estate of imperial palace ) and denka watariryo (a collection of estates passed on by inheritance to the fujiwara house chieftain ) (sekkanke shoryo; estate of the fujiwara regent ' s line ), jisha honjoryo was under the protection of the bakufu , but in the nanbokucho civil war , hyoro ryosho (land specified for collecting provisions ) was settled there for securing provisions or it was embezzled by samurai families as the object of hanzeirei (half-tax decrees ).
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