by lots 意味

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  • by [in] lóts
  • lots:    lots多目におおめに
  • lots of:    たくさんの、数々の、~だらけThere are lots of cats in his house. 彼の家はネコだらけだ。
  • lots and lots of:    非常{ひじょう}にたくさんの~、~がいっぱいいっぱいあって


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  1. and also by lots of singers who were involved in this
  1. by lots in the marine conservation world
  1. in order to become a company that is needed by lots of people
    [テレビ]人々から 最も必要とされる 会社になるため...。
  1. that are funded by lots of money
  1. by lots of interesting variables and variant people , as we'll see in a minute .
    ある種の階層を提示します あとでお見せします


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