by misfortune 意味

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  • 不幸にも、不運にも
  • misfortune:    misfortune n. (大きな)不幸, 不運; 災害, 災難.【動詞+】accept a misfortune with resignation不運を(運命と)あきらめて受け入れるavert misfortune《文語》 不幸を避けるbear misfortune cheerfully滅入ることなく不運を忍ぶbear misfortunes with equanimity平然と不幸に堪え
  • avert misfortune:    不幸{ふこう}を避ける
  • bear a misfortune:    不幸{ふこう}に耐える


  1. what do you mean by misfortune ?
    不幸が何だって? いえ... 何でもありません。
  2. " which one of the two plans do you think is better: i should relinquish the shogun ' s post for owari dono and let him decide what to do when nabematsu reaches adulthood because tosho-gu (ieyasu ) established the three privileged branches specifically for this kind of situation , or; i should ask owari dono to stay in the western citadel until nabematsu reaches adulthood to administer the bakufu and ask him to take over the shogun family in case nabematsu dies by misfortune ."


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