by mouth 意味

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  • by móuth
    (1) 口で,口から.
    (2) 口頭で,口伝えで.
  • at the mouth of:    ~の湾口部{わんこう ぶ}の、河口の
  • mouth:    mouth n. 口; 口元, くちびる; 口状のもの, 入口; 人の口, うわさ.【動詞+】bend one's mouth to sb's ear人の耳に口を近づけるclamp one's mouth shut口をぎゅっと閉めるSaliva clogged my mouth and throat.唾液で口と喉が詰まったHe closed his mouth tight.口をきゅっと結んだW
  • mouth at:    (人)に口の動きで伝える


  1. my father's been nil by mouth for a week
  2. only the information on the articles necessary for the demonstration was given from peasant to peasant by mouth .
  3. that was referred to as oosekotoba (the words of his majesty ) given through the shikiji , also referred to as ' kuzen ' (literally means stated by mouth ) or ' senji ' (literally means to state to that effect ) because the order was verbally conveyed (verbally stated ).
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