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  • 郵便で
    The orders shall be placed by post or telefax at the agreed single order entry point. 《契約書》発注書の送付は、両当事者が同意した唯一の受注窓口宛に郵送またはファクシミリにて行うものとする。
  • a post:    フロント?ピラー
  • post:    1post n. 地位, 勤め口, 職; 部署, 持ち場; 任地, 駐屯(ちゅう とん)地.【動詞+】The guards abandoned their posts under heavy fire.衛兵たちは激しい銃火を浴びて持ち場を放棄したabandon one's post in the face of danger危険に直面して持ち場を捨てるHe accepted the post
  • post it:    {商標} :


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  1. to (謄 )' means to deliver a message by post horse .
  2. and those visits were made after all attempts to communicate with mr lomax by post had failed .
    何度か文書で 連絡を試みましたが ダメなのでお伺いしました
  3. the academic results table for all students in the same year were directly sent to the parents by post while kumeo was in the military academy .
  4. assuming that the contents of the first message having arrived at kyoto , carried by post horses , were true , the following considerations are feasible as well:
  5. the order of the bakufu was sent to kyoto by post horse on march 22 in the same year , and tokisuke was killed by yoshimune hojo (it is also said he escaped and ran away to yoshino ).


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