by rail 意味

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  • 貨車で、鉄道(便)で、列車で
  • a rail:    a rail軌条きじょう
  • on rail:    貨車渡し、貨物渡し
  • rail:    1rail n. 軌条, レール; 鉄道; 手すり, 横げた.【動詞+】clear the rails鉄道線路の障害物を除去するPassengers must not cross the rails.乗客は線路を横切ってはいけないThe train jumped the rails.列車が脱線したThe engine of the train left the rails at that cu


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  1. and they're coming into the city by rail .
  1. 1 ,900 units shipped by rail at a cost of 600 per
  1. rail car by rail car , boatload by boatload
  1. nineteenhundred units shipped by rail at a cost of $600 per
  1. by rail: approximately a 25 minute walk from jr biwako line , azuchi station
    鉄道:JR琵琶湖線 安土駅(あづちえき)下車、徒歩約25分


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