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  1. And that must be understood by reference to
  2. By referencing studies showing that gut instincts are merely highlydeveloped observational powers .
    正直なところ 観察力があるのかどうか 証明のしようがない
  3. The government discussed issues in a cabinet meeting by reference to draft proposals prepared by the matsumoto committee , and submitted ' the outline of constitution revision [mataumoto draft ]' to ghq on february 8 , 1946 .
  4. It is also said that , with such an economic situation as a background , the system of kokudaka (assessed yield; tax system based upon rice , measured by reference to the rated annual yield of the domain ) was introduced by the succeeding toyotomi and edo bakufu governments .
  5. This story of yoshiie ' s prowess is thought to have been well known , as demonstrated by reference to the event in a depiction of minamoto no tametomo ' s archery skill in " hogen monogatari ," but it appears that the author of " konjaku " deemed it unsuitable for this work .
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