by road 意味

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  • トラック便で、車で、道路を通って、陸路で、徒歩で
  • (on the) road:    (on the) road路上ろじょう
  • a-road:    {名} : 主要幹線道路{しゅよう かんせん どうろ}
  • by-road:    {名} : 脇道{わきみち}、間道


  1. and then by road and boat to malaysia and into indonesia
    次に陸路と船でマレーシア そしてインドネシアへと進んでいきました
  2. tsushinshi came to edo through the following route: the envoy got on board a ship at pusan metropolitan city , called at tsushima , sailed through the seto inland sea via shimonoseki city , changed ships to kawa gozabune (a roofed pleasure boat with a tatami floor and shoji used in a river ) at osaka , sailed up the yodo-gawa river , and from yodo , went by road in a procession of palanquins , each of which carried one of the three highest-ranked persons of the envoy , horses on which high or middle officers of the envoy rode and the other lower officers of the envoy who walked , via kyoto .


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