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  • たらい回しで、交代で、順に、順番に、輪番(制)で、回り持ちで、順ぐりに
  • in rotation:    {1} : 自転{じてん}して--------------------------------------------------------------------------------{2} : 順番{じゅんばん}に、交代{こうたい}で、たらい回しで
  • rotation:    rotation n. 回転; 循環; 交代.【動詞+】make one (full) rotation 1回転するThe lunar tides retard the earth's rotation.太陰潮は地球の回転を遅らせる.【形容詞 名詞+】annual rotation of crops 1年周期の輪作the period of axial rotation of the eart
  • absolute rotation:    絶対回転{ぜったい かいてん}


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  1. magiri officials headed by jito-dai (deputy jito ) were stationed in bansho by rotation .
  2. banyaku refers to working different shifts by rotation in the japanese history .
  3. also in times of peace , they went to kokushi-kan (house of kokushi ) and served by rotation .
  4. later , heads of households and employed guards , in place of landlords , worked by rotation .
  5. they were elected from the daishu by drawing lots or held the position by rotation once a year .


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