by ship 意味

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  • 船で、船便{ふなびん}で、海路{かいろ}で
  • on a ship:    船中{せんちゅう}で、船上{せんじょう}で
  • ship:    1ship n. 船, 艦.【動詞+】Abandon ship!〔海事〕 総員退去!We had to abandon (the) ship.船を捨てて退去せざるを得なかったThe harbor admits four ships.その港には船が 4 隻入れるanchor a ship船を停泊させる, 投錨(とうびょう)するThe ship was becalmed for ten days.
  • ship for:    ~行の船


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  1. yae and mine traveled east by ship from kobe .
    八重と みねは 神戸から 船で向かった。
  2. endangered whales are killed every year by ship collision
    絶滅危惧種のクジラが毎年 船との衝突で死んでいます
  3. the first kids got their laptops . they got them by ship
    初めて子どもたちにラップトップが届きました 船便です
  4. ancient pilgrims visited chomei-ji temple for prayer by ship .
  5. iehisa travelled by ship across shimabara bay , and entered antoku-jo castle .


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