by street 意味



  1. Getting tuned up by street thugs helped you ?
    通りのチンピラを使って 練習する事はあなたを助けたの?
  2. Then we clean the city out , neighborhood by neighborhood , street by street , until the rats have nowhere left to hide .
    それから市街を一掃しましょう 一軒一軒虱潰しです ドブネズミの逃げ場がなくなるまで
  3. Secrecy was promoted because karate practitioners had to be alert to satsuma officers stationed in the ryukyu kingdom and because they wanted to avoid ' kake-dameshi ' (tests of strength ) in challenges by street fighters .
  4. With the outline being completed as described above , the town was built with blocks divided by streets but , as mentioned earlier , those are not straight streets running across the town from one end to the other but , rather , they were laid out to obstruct views of the town with sharp turns at the town entrance and t-type intersections near the gate .
  5. Outside ehime prefecture , amami-oshima island has a religious rite based on the faith in ushioni named ' numatonukanushi ,' in which a cow specter god (agricultural god ) having eight hones , eight legs , eight tails , and numerous star-shaped spots comes ashore from the sea , wanders among bonfires with shouts in a loud voice similar to the voice of charumera (a shawm-like instrument played by street vendors ) while people on the island welcome it by putting their heads on the ground .
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