by the failure of 意味

  • ~を失敗{しっぱい}して
  • failure:    failure n. 失敗; 欠乏; 不履行; 失敗者, 失敗ごと; 破産; 減退; 〔医学〕 障害; 故障.【動詞+】I think it's time to admit failure.もう失敗を認めてもよいころだと思うThe newspapers attribute the failure of the company to the want of working capital.新聞に
  • failure to:    ~できなかったこと、~しなかったこと
  • on failure to:    ~されない場合{ばあい}は


  1. around the period of yoritomo ' s death , the power of the anti-bakufu group in the imperial court was strengthened by the failure of the judai (an imperial consort ' s bridal entry into court ) campaign of ohime (a daughter of minamoto no yoritomo ).
    頼朝死去の前後、大姫 (源頼朝の娘)入内運動の失敗により朝廷の反幕府派が攻勢を強めていた。
  2. when the regent tsunetoki died in 1246 , tsunetoki ' s younger brother tokiyori hojo took over the position of a regent , which triggered a coup (palace disturbance ), and mitsutoki nagoe and fujiwara no sadakazu were overthrown by the failure of the coup .


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