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  • by (the) fórce of O
  • by force:    by force力尽く力付くちからずくちからづく無理無体むりむたい否応なしに否応無しにいやおうなしに無理押しむりおし無体むたい強いてしいて
  • by force of:    《by (the) force of》~の力で、~によって
  • force:    1force n.(1) 力; 腕力; 暴力; 威力; 勢力; 実施, 効力; 真意, 主旨.【動詞+】This abated the force of the impact a little.これで少しは衝動力が弱まったThe bill has not yet acquired legal force.その法案はまだ法的効力を生じていないadmit the force of sb's arg


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  1. it is probable that the manor was oppressed by the force of the jito (manager and lord of a manor ) during the muromachi period .
  2. after he lost in oei war , he was rescued by the force of the southern court and moved to kanbe , ise province (mie prefecture ).
    応永の乱で敗れた後、南朝方に助け出され伊勢国神戸 (三重県)に移住。
  3. geographically , the takanashi clan came to be influenced by the force of nearby echigo province , where it had property .
  4. in 1551 , however , he was assaulted and killed by the force of takafusa sue , who rebelled against his master yoshitaka (daineiji no hen (the revolt of daineiji )) .
  5. when the taira clan was pushed out of kyoto by the force of minamoto no yoshinaka (1183 ), emperor antoku escaped to the west with the taira clan and a new emperor was needed .
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