by the mass 意味

  • 誓って
  • be a mass of:    be a máss of O ((略式))…がいっぱいである,…だらけであるHe is a ~ of faults [sores]. 彼は欠点[はれもの]だらけだ.
  • in a mass:    まとめて、概して、全体として
  • mass:    1mass n. かたまり, 集団; 大衆, 庶民; 大半, 大多数; 〔物理〕 質量.【動詞+】agitate the masses大衆を扇動するI decided to give my life to the task of educating the masses.一般大衆の教育に生涯をささげることを決心したelevate the masses《文語》 大衆を向上させるThe movem


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  1. aren't you being followed around by the mass media ?
    マスコミに 付きまとわれてんじゃない?
  2. the president was condemned by the mass media and killed himself .
    社長は マスコミに責められて自殺するし
  3. and i can hardly wait to see your wife and children being surrounded by the mass media .
    「あなたの奥さんや 子供たちが」
  4. september 11 , 2007 - separation of the couple was reported by the mass media .
    2007.09.11. 夫妻の別居が各メディアにて報道。
  5. however , expressions such as ' goseikyo ' (passed away ) and are frequently used by the mass media .


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