by the medium of 意味

発音を聞く:   by the medium ofの例文
  • ~の媒介で、~を通して、~によって、~の手を経て
  • in medium:    (映画撮影{えいが さつえい}などで)主役{しゅやく}を中間距離に配置{はいち}して
  • medium:    medium n.(1) (pl. ~s, media) 媒介物, 媒体; 手段, 機関; マスコミ, マスメディア; (pl. ~s) 霊媒.【動詞+】The university administration had alerted the media, and cameramen were on hand for the ambassador's visit to the campus.
  • (culture) medium:    (culture) medium培養基ばいようき


  1. as infectious diseases often spread by the medium of mosquitoes , the protection from mosquitoes was important at that time .


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