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  • 1分ごとに、分刻みで、刻々{こくこく}と、刻一刻{こくいっこく}と、逐一{ちくいち}
  • a minute:    a minute一分いっぷん一刻いっこく
  • at the minute:    今He's one of the greatest actors in the world at the minute.
  • by a minute:    一足違いで


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  1. that your children seem to change by the minute
    子どもは分単位で 変化しているように見えますが
  2. okay , a piece of him this is getting creepier by the minute .
  3. somehow , isn't this becoming bigger by the minute ?
    あ... あの...n教育実習の先生です。
  4. it's getting better by the minute , sweetheart .
    調子はいいよ スウィートハート
  5. and you're just getting uglier by the minute .
    たった数分で イラつかせるなんて


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