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  • 伝統的{でんとうてき}に、慣習的{かんしゅうてき}に
  • in the tradition of:    ~に似た、~を思い出させる、~の伝説{でんせつ}を受け継いで
  • tradition:    tradition n.(1) 伝説, 言い伝え, 口碑.【動詞+】hand a tradition down from mother to daughterある言い伝えを母から娘へ引き継ぐThe villages have a tradition that….その村々には…という伝説があるThis is a tradition worth preserving.これは保存するに値する伝説だ.
  • (catholic) tradition:    (Catholic) tradition聖伝せいでん


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  1. apart from the astronomical toji , however , ' the day with the shortest daytime and longest nighttime ' is also called toji sometimes by tradition .
  2. the supreme command was thought to belong to military organs (the staff headquarters of army and the imperial navy general staff ) by tradition , and not to be under civilian control .
  3. among the fragmentary writings , contents that are highly important include descriptions on robe of feathers legend that is handed down by tradition in the lake yogo area in ika county and the tradition of chikubushima island .
  4. in a period when painters in the west reached a deadlock in modern expression techniques , an encounter with japanese art became an opportunity to free their minds from the customs restrained by tradition .
  5. by tradition of mushanokoji-senke , its iemoto takes over the real name of ' soshu ' ichio , whereas , koshi (the successor ) of iemoto is referred to as ' soya ' and the retired iemoto is referred to as ' soan ,' the real name of genpaku .


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