by various means 意味



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  1. it is characterized by various means such as occasion-suited telepathy (direct communication from mind to mind ) for those principles .
  2. in detached palaces or the hozo (treasure house ) of a palace , treasure was collected from in and outside of the country , and the imperial power was represented by various means .
  3. consequently , land stewards used their position to gradually seize the power to control and rule manors and imperial territories by various means , including promoting farming .
  4. another feature of kamigata kabuki is the use of highly individual staging , such as keren (eye-catching performances ) and ad-libbing adopted in order to please an audience by various means .
  5. the shogunate government controlled feudal lords (daimyo ) by various means , such as the alternate-year residence system in edo (sankinkotai ) and compulsory service in construction work , but in another occasion through the marriage with a daughter of the shogun or adoption of a son of the shogun and loaning .


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