bypass road 意味

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  • 迂回道路{うかい どうろ}
  • bypass:    1bypass n. バイパス; バイパス(手術).【動詞+】They constructed a bypass around the city.市の周辺にバイパスを建設した.【形容詞 名詞+】perform a coronary bypass (operation)心臓バイパスの手術を施すundergo intestinal bypass surgery腸のバイパス手術を受ける.【前置詞+】
  • bypass with:    ~でバイパスする
  • (on the) road:    (on the) road路上ろじょう


  1. there was gonna be a new bypass road
  2. when heading to miyazu city from maizuru , the ofuna-toge mountain pass was used before this mountain pass was available; however , this mountain pass became available in the meiji period in response to a request by local people , and works as a bypass road at present .


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